Wednesday, September 28, 2011

High Tech? More Cancer Connections & More Cancer Resources

My daughter insisted last week that I upgrade my cell phone so that I could send her longer texts messages in a much shorter time.  It was becoming painful for her to await my text replies which took forever for me to compose.  While my cell phone has endured many a harsh treatment by me from falling into a full pan of water, to being dropped at least twice on my paved driveway as well as having gone missing endless times (that will be another post one day), it has continued to provide me with the best service without fail!  But after a bit of persuasion, I was ok with at least going to the tech store to take a look at the latest gadgets that would make my texting faster.

It didn't take long for me to choose the one that seemed to offer the most features - an iPhone!  That was the one my daughter was not expecting me to choose, as she thought it was way to high tech for me!!! After all, I am only the mother, who I guess sometimes appears to their siblings NOT to be able to maneuver around today's tecky gadgets.  Anyway, I left with my new iPhone and I must admit, without my daughter's excellent instruction on just how to find my way around it, things would have taken a very slow road to using it.

I first started this blog back in 2008 to connect with other caregivers and cancer patients for support and also to learn more about my husband's cancer and what was available out there to help him.  It has proven to fulfill all of that and so much more.  I've met people right across the world, constantly keep in touch with many patients/caregivers via email, and have learned so much more about kidney cancer than I ever would have if my blog had never been developed.  So now with my new iPhone, I've decided to set up a Twitter account to connect with more people and more cancer organizations in a hopes to expand my present knowledge about cancer.  I've included my Twitter feed in the right sidebar, but now I need to try and include comments that others leave for me on Twitter (not sure how to do this, but I'm sure someone out there will give me direction).  Please feel free to leave a message right on the Chatroll blog at anytime.  It would be most appreciated.  Already I'm beginning to get Followers for my Twitter account so that is wonderful!  My account is @mckenziemoments

My purpose for writing this post however is not to advertise my Twitter account or my new phone "but" to relate the fact that I can't see for the life of me how in this high tech 21st century with all of the technological resources that are available within our health care sector, there still seems to exist such a lack of communication between and among cancer experts in the fight against this beast???  Why is cancer still so rampant?  Why can't the experts apply what works for some cancer patients to other cancer patients?  One such example would be when my husband had his nephrectomy back in 2001, he was told "we got it all - so go home and enjoy life"!  After all he has been through during these past 10 years, I shutter everytime I think about those words.  Just yesterday, I was speaking with another patient who just three years ago was told the exact words after his nephrectomy, and now is battling metastasis to several areas.  Why in the world are they not offered ADJUVANT THERAPY post cancer surgery to try everything possible to prevent the recurrence of their cancer?  If I had know such a thing even existed back in 2001, my husband would definitely have been a recipient of this therapy, but we were not even presented with this option.  Now, 10 years later, you would think just this particular topic would "always" be discussed with any cancer patient after they have undergone cancer surgery.  OK....don't get me started because I'm sure you can tell that I'm very adament about this particular topic when I read obituaries everyday in my local paper of those who have passed away after fighting a courageous battle with cancer.  I wonder immediately if they had ALL the facts about their type of cancer and if they were given every opportunity there was right from the start to beat their cancer.

Yes, this high techology provides more resources and more connections right around the world in an instant -  and my hope for today and always is that cancer experts use it to the BEST means possible to reduce cancer, to help those who continue their struggle everyday and to prevent earlier mistakes with cancer patients from every happening to anyone else again!!!

If you are a regular viewer of my blog and enjoy returning, please join my Followers gadget, leave a comment or just post a "hello" or a "comment" directly on my Chatroll chat forum at the beginning of the blog.  It's always encouraging to see that I may have provided some inspiration or knowledge to help you get through a difficult day!  Take care everyone!

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