Monday, October 24, 2011

Do People Realize?

I felt I had to post this today because sometimes people just don't "think" before they speak.

 While out on a short excursion this morning my husband met up with someone we have known for awhile and who knows that cancer has been a part of our lives for years now.  It's fine to exchange the common greetings and the usual talk, but does my husband want the constant reminder that he has CANCER always put right in his face????  NO!!!!

My husband does have a tumor behind his ear and of course for some it may be noticeable.  So what does this person say to him this morning?  "Wow, that's a huge lump you have there behind your ear???"  Good thing I was not there or I would have probably said something so that this person would never make a similiar remark to any other cancer patient.

I have constantly told friends and family to keep the conversation with him as normal as possible.  While we know all too well that he has cancer, don't think for one minute that it's easy to put it aside on any given day and try to find a bit of normalcy in our lives, so we don't want to be constantly reminded of it either by those on the outside, and more especially my husband does not need to hear it from anyone.  This cancer is not like coming down with the common cold or flu as all of us who live each day with it can attest to.

OK....that's it I've said it.  I sure hope that everyone who reads this post will pass it along to others next time they strike up a conversation with any cancer patient.  KEEP IT NORMAL! 

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Cheryl said...

Everytime we have a conversation with anyone they always seem to bring up about all the people they know who either has cancer or had cancer and passed away. I agree with what you said Deb - people need to realize that mentioning any of this is not good at all for those dealing with cancer.