Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stomach Cancer and Not Eating?

As my viewers already know, I honestly don't relay alot of my husband's medical condition right here on my blog.  That is just my choice as I don't want those who know us personally to have the inside scoop on just what's happening with him.  There are some things naturally that we all want to keep private but I do share important issues in hopes that it will help another cancer patient out there.  Also as you may or may not know, you can always email me at with any personal question and if I can be of any help, then I most certainly will email back a response.

With that being said, I thought I would share a recent diagnosis with those of you who may have recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer.  Yes, my husband now has mets to the stomach and of course at first the news was devastating.  Those of you who also continue to hear such increases in your cancer can definately relate, and no matter how long you may have cancer or how you may have thought you have heard everything about your cancer, it's always like an atomic bomb has hit when there's more negative news.  So that's the way it was this summer when my husband received that diagnosis.

The main thing to remember though is "no matter how bad the news is, always keep positive!!!"  Hearing that news is never good, but you have two choices - 1) give up and eventually the cancer WILL have it's way  "OR"  2) try your very best to do everything you can to keep living - the choice is yours. My husband always chooses to "NEVER QUIT" and of course I totally support him on that decision!  This choice is never easy however, but a patient has to be prepared to accept the hard knocks as they appear and then move on. 

Now back to the reason why I'm even telling you all of this.  Of course when you have been diagnosed with stomach cancer, the first thing you may probably hear is that you will not be able to eat.  Bah humbug I say!!!  I hope the little event that I'm going to share will help others who have been diagnosed with stomach cancer and that it will encourage them to keep eating and in return keep living!

One evening after we returned home from hospital, I presented my husband with his supper.  Of course his portions are much smaller than he usually would eat a few months ago, but I always try to offer him nutritous foods.  If you scroll back a few posts, you will see some examples.  My husband ate everything I had given him but before long it came right back up.  I could tell by the look on his face that he was thinking "well this is the end of my eating" as he sat back in his chair looking a bit dazed.

I however had a different thought and immediately took his plate and refilled it.  I told him to eat slower this time, to chew the food really good and most of all, to eat small portions each time rather than what he usually was used to.   Voila!!!  It worked!!! And it has been working every time since that day!

The lesson learned here is to Not Quit!  If I had not given my husband more food that evening and if he had not tried to eat it to accommodate his stomach problems, then no doubt he would have just given up and next time I gave him a meal, he would have just not wanted to eat it, for fear it would not stay down.  I trust that anyone else out there who has ever encountered this problem, will eat based on what I have relayed and Not Quit when the going gets tough.

My husband's appetite is improving, so I can't ask for more than that.  It's a slow process but each day brings better results.  Always try though to keep the food nutritous.  You can do it, just give yourself a second chance!

Take care everyone and have a great day 

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Unknown said...

Glad to hear your hubby's appetite is improving. It sounds like you've developed some good strategies. Your postive attitude is inspiring. Yet, I know its difficult at times.