Sunday, October 30, 2011

Straws Are Beneficial

If you have challenging mouth sores due to a side effect from your cancer treatment and are finding it difficult to drink, don't forget to try drinking from a straw.

Such a simple little device but it can really help alleviate some of your mouth discomfort as the liquid through the straw will not directly irritate the inside of your mouth as much as it would if you drank from a glass or cup.  Try to get the bendable straws as this makes it much easier to sip if you are in an inclined position or lying down.

For milkshakes you can use the wider straws which will allow for a better flow as the thick shakes will not be easily accessible through the regular straws.

Just a simple idea, but thought I would pass it along and share it in case you are having problems with mouth sores.

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