Friday, December 09, 2011

Have You Eaten FISH Today?

I have without a doubt realized the nutritional value of cancer patients eating fish.  I have been serving fish in various varieties to my husband over the past two to three months and the results are amazing - no let's say jaw-dropping so you can better realize the difference it has made to him nutritionally.

I have served up fresh fish, mussels, cod tongues, fish cakes, and salmon.  Whatever fish variety is available in your area will work.  Sometimes he has had fish for lunch and then another version of it for supper.  It has omega 3 fats and does not have chemically induced enhancers so right away that puts it in the forefront for nutritional value.  The servings may not be large in portion, but they are nutritional.

I don't have to google "nutritional value of fish" as I know for certain it is a wonder food for those who are not feeling well, and more especially for cancer patients who have lost considerable weight.  My husband's last blood test was "excellent".....that's EXCELLENT!!!  His doctor told him that everthing on his blood report was in perfect order so you can't ask for better than that.  That is major accomplishment after being so ill at the end of August!!!

It's a combination of everything - not just the fish, but the orange juice, the nightly smoothie shakes, and always nutritional snacks inbetween. If you are having trouble with appetite, try this combination and I'm sure you will find a difference.  It's not going to happen overnight - it will take diligence on your caretaker's part to ensure you have all of these nutritients coming your way and of course it will take adherence on your part as a cancer patient to stick with it!!!  You CAN do it!

I know it has worked for my husband so that's verifies it for us.  Everyone agrees that he is doing sooo much better and looking great!!!  Need I say more?

Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going so start today and remember to NEVER QUIT!

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