Thursday, December 08, 2011

If Something's Not Right, Just Fix It

Rec'd my husband's next apptment date yesterday in the mail.  The date was fine but it was scheduled with another doctor so that kind of got me to wondering.  Rather than wonder too long, I picked up the telephone and called our oncologist's secretary.  She is the kindest lady one could ever wish to know.  Always very obliging and nothing is ever too much for her to check out.  Seems I have called her several times this past year alone, but always for good reason.

So yesterday when I asked if my husband's oncologist was sick or had moved away due to the change in doctor on his next apptment, she assured me that the info needed to be checked out as there must be some mistake.  She thanked me for calling and bringing it to her attention. Within two minutes my phone was ringing and another secretary was calling to say she had booked my husband's apptment incorrectly with the wrong doctor!!!  No problem, at least the error had been corrected before his apptment date.

Lesson to note here is to never hesitate to check things out such as apptment dates, prescriptions, medical tests and advice if things just don't seem right.  We have experienced errors in all of the above and then some, but after all, I guess human error does happen.  Be vigilant though - it is your right!!!  No one in the medical field should ever mind you giving them a call..if they do, then that's their problem because you do need to get it right!!!

Take care everyone - it's blowing a gale in my part of the world tonight.

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