Thursday, January 05, 2012

Cancer Changes Lifestyles

Wow..Christmas came and went really fast this year.  Tomorrow is Old Christmas Day and many will be dismantling their Christmas tree and other decorations.  No trouble to miss the lights especially once they are taken down.

I trust that you all enjoyed your Christmas this year.  We had a very quiet one but I think it was one of the best Christmases we ever had.  Surprising isn't it how cancer changes a family's traditions - sometimes though it's not a bad thing to have change.  For us, Christmas was always a time of visiting, having friends and family in for suppers and it seemed we were for the most part, always on the go.  By the end of Christmas we needed a holiday to rest, but this year was different.  We spent a quiet Christmas day with just our immediate family and despite a power outage right in the middle of the day, I did manage to get the turkey cooked and I must say the meal was delicious.

There has been quite a few strains of colds and flus in our area this Christmas as well, so we decided to stay at home and avoid contracting any of these bugs, more especially to not have my husband get sick, which would have been very serious indeed if he were to have more weight loss and trying to battle another illness.  Overall he has had a good Christmas.  His tiredness continues on occasion but we are thankful for the good quality of health that he now enjoys despite having a tumultuous fall season of varying health obstacles.

He still continues the morning and evening orange juice rituals and both him and I strongly believe that there is invaluable nutrients in freshly squeezed oranges.  We attribute his wellness to all of the oranges he has consumed.  It's been difficult to get the oranges that are best for juice, but even those with extra pulp are just as nutitious.  I've become a regular at our local grocery store filling double plastic bags with oranges, but it's all worth it!!!

I've just read that there are two new drugs being tested for those with kidney news!!!!  Just goes to show one can never give up when they hear a diagnosis of cancer.

To get back to my title - over Christmas I have heard of several other cancer patients who are on chemo and who also have stayed at home throughout the holidays to avoid catching a bad flu bug.  No one wants that, especially if you are taking chemo so be ware, and even though having cancer may change your current lifestyle on occasion in 2012, remember it's important to take care of "YOU"....don't worry if you miss out on some occasions as there will be many more down the road that you can attend to when you are feeling better. 

Chin up ..... and don't give up!!!  This is just one more bump along the road.  Wishing everyone better health in this new year!!!


Cheryl said...

Your writing inspires me everytime you post. Thanks Deb.

Meya said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Keep the information coming on your blog.

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Heather said...

I really enjoy your blog, and all the great information you post! Thanks for including my blog "Despising Kidney Cancer" in your blog list. Not sure if you received my email, but in case you didn't my email address is

karen in ottawa canada said...

Miss you guys! hugs to you both Deb & Willard