Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Loss of a Great Man in 2011

I've been watching shows over the past couple of days that recount happenings in the year just past.  There have been hurricanes, wars, natural disasters and other horrific events that occurred in 2011, but the one event that really stands out in my mind is the passing of Jack Layton, a humble man of courage and determination who inspired me beyond words.

All Canadians know of whom I speak but for others who may not be as familiar, he was the leader of our political NDP party who achieved outstanding success in our country's federal election in May of 2011 as his party became the official opposition. I feel quite confident that had Mr. Layton lived to continue the leadership of the NDP, he would have most definately attained the position of Prime Minister of Canada.

This man impacted all of us - not only because of his down to earth personality and genuine concern for others, but because of his determination to Never Quit.  After battling cancer previous to the election, along with undergoing hip surgery and still not relenting in his campaign to gain additional political awareness, we all watched him with awe as he fought so bravely to win.  To win not only his political seat but also to win against the beast of cancer.

I persoanlly felt the loss of this great Canadian. Although I had never met him, I had written him on two occasions.  One to tell him how inspired I was as I watched him continue along his campaign trail day after day as if he were in excellent health despite the increasing pain and discomfort that we could all see he bore along the way.  Another email to congratulate him on his enormous political win of 103 seats for the NDP which was the largest increase of this party's history resulting in the NDP forming Canada's Official Opposition Pary.

What was so special about the emails I sent Mr. Layton?  He actually took the time to write back personally, which I found astounding!!! Despite his busy career demands and his health issues, he took the time to reply and to pass along his best wishes to my husband along his cancer journey as well.

Jack Layton was a true Cancer Warrior in every aspect of it's definition.  Yes, a great loss indeed for Canadians and for the world in 2011.  Let us never forget him and the legacy he has left for all of us.

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Roger said...

Here, here. I totally agree about Jack Layton being such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for posting.