Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keeping Your Meds Organized

It's Sunday night and time to refill hubby's pill organizer for another week.  Thought I would pass along a link to show the type of container that I find to be very, very efficient in organizing his medications.  When anyone has to take more than 20+ pills everyday, it can get quite confusing sometimes if you don't have some organization or schedule to remind you of just what meds you have already taken and what you have left to take.

My daughter bought this great container a few months ago for her Dad and I personally find it wonderful.  We have tried the smaller 7 day types, but sometimes there's just not enough separate compartments to organize everything.

The one I use is made by Dorsett and here's the link:

We have the "red" one and although at first glance there may seem to be alot of different compartments, it's perfect for my husband's use.  It's a seven day organizer with four compartments per day so if you have to take pills four different times each day, it's just what you need. Once I organizer his pills, then he can easily access them anytime I'm away from home, and feel quite confident that he is taking the correct ones at the correct time.

There's also a list included at the bottom of the organizer where you can write down all of the medications and take it quite easily on your next doctor or hospital visit for reference.  The Dosett organizer also comes in smaller sizes for those who do not require the extra room for sorting.

Hope this helps and although I'm not sure where you can purchase it, why not check out your favorite drug store, and no doubt it's there.

If anyone reading this has more info on just where to buy these, please post the info directly on my Chat Forum.

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