Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Critical Drug Shortage - Any Suggestions?

The current news headlines were bound to happen here in Canada due to the decrease of production at the Sandoz plant in Quebec.  I trust that none of my viewers have been affected and were prepared after reading my February 28, 2012 post!

Seems surgeries are pending and many vital pain as well as cancer drugs are on hold for an indefinate time.  This should not be able to happen in 2012 and those in charge of ensuring the availability of these important prescription medications should have made it public much sooner so that many others could have been more prepared, especially the medical community.  No patient's health or current medical condition should have to suffer because of this shortage!

Follow this link to read more updates as of today's news about these shortages

If you are encountering problems with these drug shortages, leave a short comment directly on my Chatroll forum or leave a comment under this post.  Maybe you have a possible solution for many others who have not been able to get these drugs. 

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Afinitor and High Glucose

If anyone is out there on Afinitor, then by now you no doubt will have experienced high glucose or some doctors may diagnose you as having Type 2 Diabetes.

It's not really diabetes as it's a side effect for many patients from taking the Afinitor.  You will have to watch your sugar intake and of course keep a close watch on those sugars with a glucose monitor.

One thing to note is if you have never had diabetes before and now you are taking meds to control your high glucose, once you stop the Afinitor, after a few weeks, your sugars will subside and you no longer will have this condition.

Hubby had the same thing and now he is high glucose free!!!  Something to celebrate indeed!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 02, 2012

You CAN Pay Less for Prescription Drugs

All cancer patients take a considerable amount of prescription medication everyday.  As time goes on with your cancer, no doubt the number of medications you are taking, will undoubtedly increase.  The cost of these prescription drugs can be phenomenal, to say the least, but you just can't decide not to take them.

If you are fortunate enough to have insurance that covers most of these drugs, then consider yourself very blessed.  If you only have partial insurance or no insurance at all, then your prescription costs for these drugs can be enormous. It can mean the difference sometimes of whether to pay for your monthly medications or reduce your monthly costs for food, heating, etc.  Paying for medications takes a big chunk out of your monthly income as well as from your life-long savings, but you have no choice in the matter, as you just cannot stop taking these medications.

I have recently discovered a place where you can purchase your drugs significantly lower than at most of your local pharmacies and that's at COSTCO.  Who ever knew?  It never dawned on me that just because they offer high discounts on household items and just about every other item you can think of, they would also have the same deep discounts on their prescription drugs.

Apparently, many of their prescription drugs can be almost "HALF" of what you may be paying now at your pharmacy.  Yes, that's exactly right!!!  You can go to the COSTCO pharmacy in your location and bring along a couple of your most expensive meds and ask them for their costs.  I'm sure you will be more than surprised at the results.

Another way to reduce your drug costs is to ask your doctor to prescribe a particular drug at the largest amount you can take per dosage.  For example:  If you are taking 3 pills that are 75mg in strength at the same time, you should ask your doctor to give you two prescriptions.  One for the same pill in a 150mg and another for the same pill in the 75mg.  Apparently, the larger dosage of most pills, is actually CHEAPER to buy than the smaller ones, so you will be saving there again!  I wonder how come most pharmacies never bothers to tell us this?  Now remember that not all of your meds can be prescribed in a larger dose, so this may only apply to some patients.

Let me know if you have good results from checking at COSTCO for your monthly meds.  I of course have no affiliation with that store, but if I see a good thing for any cancer patient, I will pass it on to you.

Good luck and good savings on your next prescription!!!