Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Critical Drug Shortage - Any Suggestions?

The current news headlines were bound to happen here in Canada due to the decrease of production at the Sandoz plant in Quebec.  I trust that none of my viewers have been affected and were prepared after reading my February 28, 2012 post!

Seems surgeries are pending and many vital pain as well as cancer drugs are on hold for an indefinate time.  This should not be able to happen in 2012 and those in charge of ensuring the availability of these important prescription medications should have made it public much sooner so that many others could have been more prepared, especially the medical community.  No patient's health or current medical condition should have to suffer because of this shortage!

Follow this link to read more updates as of today's news about these shortages

If you are encountering problems with these drug shortages, leave a short comment directly on my Chatroll forum or leave a comment under this post.  Maybe you have a possible solution for many others who have not been able to get these drugs. 

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